AU Centre for Enprepeneurship and Innovation

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AU Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

AU CEI is a knowledge centre that services all the academic fields of the university – as well as the business world. The centre's function is to build bridges between the theoretical research and its application in society.

We have access to all academic fields at Aarhus University and is thus an attractive partner for businesses and individuals outside the university, who need specific academic knowledge – one entry point to the knowledge needed.

Furthermore, we manage a number of externally financed projects, whose common denominator is to support knowledge collaboration between research and businesses.


  • The Entrepreneurial University. The project's main focus is for the students at AU to acquire the ability to act as well as value-adding competences by applying their academic knowledge.


  • Access to New Knowledge. This project, based in Central Denmark Region, wishes to promote knowledge collaboration between SMEs and researchers, who can contribute with relevant knowledge to the company's innovation projects. (site in danish)


  • CATE. The purpose of the project is to develop a cluster of companies who can offer services for the construction of a particle accelerator in the Oresund Region.


  • MIDTNET. The project enables companies and knowledge institutions in Central Denmark Region to gain access to the enormous growth and knowledge potential of China. This is  done through increased network collaboration, cross-cultural knowledge exchange as well as matchmaking, i.e. bringing companies and knowledge institutions from both regions together in specific common development collaborations.
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